If you love or/and use @Framasoft candies like #PeerTube, #Mobilizon, Frama(put what you want) they need your support and made several cards (with the amazing talent of @davidrevoy) explaining what they do /> soutenir.framasoft.org/en 🙌

MiniDebConf Regensburg 2021 has started, there is a live video stream. See minidebconf-rbg.debian.net/ .

i'm watching:

Ruth Wilson Gilmore: “Organized Abandonment and Organized Violence: Devolution and the Police” 11.9.15


MiniDebCamp 21 Tilburg, Netherlands, sat 28 / sun 29 august 2021: Debian GNU/Linux and DebConf21. Register
at deb.li/3V1Ly . C U all there!

really need to version control my .git/configs

I'd kind of been hoping for years that someone else would solve this..

i love free software because of irssi, mutt, screen, dwm, zsh, mpd and debian

Before you can do bad things to people with a clear conscience, you must dehumanise them. In Big Tech designers and developers can build systems that track, profile, and exploit people then go home to hug their kids because they’re not people to them, they’re “users” and “data.”

Outreachy internships are remote, paid ($6,000 stipend), and last three months. Outreachy supports diversity in free and open source software! Initial applications for the @outreachy May 2021 to Aug 2021 internships are due on Feb 22 at 4pm UTC: outreachy.org/apply/



if any movie had this scene it it, it would be over the top dystopia

BTW, today we released #PeerTube v3, complete with p2p live streaming features and a behind-the-scene short film.

Read more about it on our blog (and please share 😉) framablog.org/2021/01/07/peert

Reminder: Submit your event proposals for MiniDebConf India 2021 soon! Call for Proposals open till January 10th.
For more details visit: in2021.mini.debconf.org/contri

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