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Hello! We are new to Mastodon so here is a little to the Hollins Eco Anarchist Collective. We are Richard of Hollins, an ambling beardsman and occasional wordsmith, and Spaniel L. Jackson. We like to walk round the local area and take pictures, most of which we will post here. We are big fans of the natural world and think it would be nice if the capitalist/neoliberal hegemony that is destroying the environment could be dismantled and we just try being nice to each other.

Another sunshiny picture from this morning’s amble, with some hawthorn blossom thrown in - May is always the month for blossom on the thorn trees, a fresh blooming after the first flowers of spring are beginning to fade

Good morning Mastodonistas! Lovely day here in the Vale. The rain from last night clinging to spider webs always make for lovely pictures, they are like fragile jewellery in the wild

Nos da Mastodonistas. Sleep well. Or at least sleep how you choose to sleep.

Good evening Mastodonistas. Busy day, rainy this evening, but with young lambs and gooses spotted on our evening amble, thought I’d share.

Good morning Mastodonistas. Grey day today, with rain in the night and more to come today. Here are some flowers instead, hawthorn blossom and cow parsley by the brook

Good evening Mastodonistas. Had a lovely day, family amble, pub lunch, lazy Sunday afternoon. Another small evening amble. Here’s M’colleague enjoying a dip, and a view of the river

Good morning Mastodonistas. Cooler and cloudy today, here’s one of the swans on the cut for a peaceful Sunday morning

Right, it’s very late, time for bed. Nos da my fellow Mastodonistas, thank you for your company.

Well that was probably right. won the popular vote. had the second best song. Sad about

Voted for and . Very strong this year. Not a classic, but some real treasures. Now for the voting!

Wild Westonia (stole that joke from the bird site, but so apt)

Bit of performance art for a Saturday evening. Nice.

I’m very fond of Poland and the Polish people. Worked with a few back in the day and they were top notch. Seemed a very nice young man but not the most memorable song

To be fair, probably the best actual song of the night. Won’t win, and wasn’t a patch on Moldova or Ukraine, but a a great song.

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Sweden trying far too hard there. Like the kid in the school play who takes it too seriously and makes everyone who is just messing about feeling bad

YES MOLDOVA! This is your proper Andrew WK goes folk

Bit subdued for Iceland, there. Pleasant enough.

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