Mathedozent: "Ein Blatt [Papier] hat ja eigentlich sechs Seiten."


Liebe Leute aus der , bitte nehmt eure Verantwortung wahr und beteiligt euch an der am Sonntag!


The big tech giants want to be a core part of your life and they won't let you go (or they'll kick you without any notice and destroy your life).

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Heute an der Klimademo gegen die umweltzerstördenden Investments der Schweizer Finanzindustrie.

Today at the climate demo against the environmentally destructive investments of the Swiss financial industry.

A small look what the future could bring regarding the planned change from Apple to scan iPhones for abusive content.

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Today, I successfully upgraded to 21.04. It was pretty painless. I only needed to reconfigure my primary monitor and set the freshly installed as default boot again. Nice.

I'm surprized that I actually like the new floating dock.

I recommend you the article “Can We Have Prosperity Without Growth?”. I think it contains good arguments for .

> The critique of economic growth, once a fringe position, is gaining widespread attention in the face of the climate crisis.

@hedgedoc, is there any way to delete a note? I didn't find anything in the docs, the FAQ or the forum.

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