Open Source Gardens connects gardeners all around the world and encourages the use of open source seeds and similar philosophies. You can follow at:

➡️ (main account, in English and German)

➡️ (videos)

➡️ @handwritten (blog)

Their website is at

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Always wonderful videos regarding food, the science and the validity of it. Great research and as a plant based eater it is nice to get some affirmation once in a while..

How many spam or false accounts do you believe exist on Mastodon?
(As a percentage of active users)

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Elon Musk and Twitter will meet in court later this year.

Who do you think will win at trial?

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A midweek harvest from our plot, always livens me up :) (we grow our vegetables with the No Dig method)

“Christianity didn’t become a world religion because of the quality of its teachings, but by the quantity of its violence.”


Climate change 

How do you handle conversations with people (strangers) regarding , the causes and people's doubts about the reality of it? I always seem to struggle with the incorrect concepts about renewables being economically unfeasible or the problem being too big to handle "so we should just continue on" instead of taking a hard look at the fossil fuel industry..

Today 👇 😱
And that is the global average. German overshoot day was: May 4.
👉 There is only one response: sufficiency.
To some it may sound crazy or unrealistic. But most people alive live and all of your ancestors lived like that. Do they have no life? You might be surprised.

If you have an independently hosted WordPress blog, you can turn it into a Fediverse server by installing the WordPress ActivityPub plugin. This means people can follow your blog from Mastodon etc.

Here's how to do it:

1. Go to your WordPress dashboard's Plugins section, click "add new" and search for "ActivityPub" . Click "install now" on the plugin, and when it has finished installing, click "activate".

2. On the WordPress dashboard, go to the "Users" section. Click on your username and scroll to the bottom to find your Fediverse address. Share this address with whoever wants to follow your blog on Mastodon etc.

3. To alter the plugin's settings, on your WordPress dashboard go to Settings > ActivityPub

If you want to switch off or remove the plugin, go to "plugins", then "deactivate" or "delete".

NOTE: This plugin only works with independently hosted WordPress sites. It doesn't work with free accounts on

#FediTips #Fediverse #ActivityPub #WordPress

if you have more than 1 bluetooth device you are obligated to refer to them as blueteeth

It would be nice if this could become policy instead of just talk...

Mine e-waste, not the Earth, say scientists - BBC News

I find it fascinating how we as humans tend to see ourselves separate from the rest of nature and base our understanding and interactions with nature on this idea/perspective.

For anyone not yet having read this book, a simple, comprehensible yet serious and scientifically backed work regarding as it is coming and the effects it has on the world and us.
I wholeheartedly recommend reading it.


How many people who are fully aware and very concerned about our climate and ecological situation are going to doom millions of people and species to death because they "don't want to talk like an activist" because they give more weight to notions of respectability

Staggeringly, the are *still* actively seeking the prosecution of SR co-founders Dr. Tim Hewlett and Mike Lynch-White for the founding SR action in September 2020. Their trial is now set for February 13th, 2023.


Senators Manchin and Kelly hard at work slitting their children’s throats:

“Manchin, Kelly join GOP to Pass Motion Against Biden Declaring Climate Emergency”

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