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"What we need is a great, powerful, tremulous falling back in love with our old, ancient, primordial Beloved, which is the Earth herself."

Hot pepper season in full force. Cayenne and red jalapenos picked this morning. I think we'll hang and dry most of the cayenne and enjoy the jalapeno this week. Open to recipe suggestions!

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Organic and happy melon patch. Can't wait to enjoy the sweet juicy goodness.

Housekeeping in Old Virginia, 1878

"Contributions from two hundred and fifty ladies in Virginia and her sister states; distinguished for their skill in the culinary art and other branches of domestic economy."

I love finding books like these... when intuition and learned wisdom was commonly shared.

Loads of Basil made into loads of Pesto. Frozen in muffin tins so we can easily grab these for quick, nutritious meals all winter long. Our simple, go-to recipe is basil, garlic, evoo, and walnuts. @garden

Another little Praying Mantis - just hanging out on the Elderberries. If lucky, I might see one or two of these in a season. Between these and the baby toads, I've completely lost count this year. Simple joys. 🌿

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"Smaller farmers warn that a country without local farmers can create problems in the food supply chain. If one company is providing all the milk or cheese to an entire region, what happens when that plant gets contaminated or a storm isolates it from the rest of the country? 'It’s an incredibly fragile supply chain, and when it fails, it fails completely,'"

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“What the prospective survivor does not do, is make peace with death or collapse. She sometimes even finds joy in pushing against them.” ⁦

This 👉 "...the truth is, no matter how many young people choose to farm, no matter how many bunches of kale are made into smoothies, or canvas shopping bags are packed full of colorful carrots and lacy heads of lettuce, no matter how many hip new restaurants declare themselves farm-to-fork, none of these things address the policies that dictate how our country’s food system works, policies that have created a society in which the small farmer can’t even earn a living."

Other benefits:

1. the farm is local, and small. We can talk to them any time. They are very transparent about their practices and cow care.

2. they farm consciously and sustainably. Unlike commercial dairy farms, they keep calves with cows until the calves are weaned.

3. support of local, small farmers build resiliency in our local community.

4. the milk comes in glass jars that are returned each week - no waste there.

5. I make my own yogurt culture, no purchases necessary.

Show thread are continuously exploring ways to reduce our dependencies and expenses. Recently we joined a local, small farm herd share to replace our Almond milk w/ A2 raw milk. I'm concerned w/ the ingredients in almond milk, and in recent years have been deepening my connection back to nature through food. Today we enjoyed our first batch of homemade yogurt. It was delicious, wholesome, and now we're no longer collecting plastic tubs or spending $10-15 per week on yogurt.

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@tickfoot and I pulled 90 POUNDS of produce today. Beans, cucumber, zucchini, patty pan. 👨‍🌾


No matter how many times it happens in life, finding a Praying Mantis is always so dang exciting. @gardening

These Cosmic purple carrots might be the most enchanting harvest yet.

Homemade basil pesto, thin sliced beets, zucchini and pasta. All freshly harvested from the garden. Delightful meals take very little effort when your ingredients are fresh and 💯 naturally grown.

I'm not sure about the whole big bang thing... I think perhaps the commencement of earth was less dramatic, more like the unremarkable blink of a firefly.

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