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Van :twitter:

If "Share The Road" feels more difficult/dangerous than it used to, it's because it is.

That's what happens when posting from an android phone... (Don't like the google keyboard).

- graduating -

Ja men harrejisses...

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@JohanEmpa - Sorry. It seems the percentages are the progress of the translation... Ah, well...

+ @feditips

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@JohanEmpa - Saw a post from @feditips about and went there to check it out.

I found at least one thing I liked. The language selection shows the percentages of users of different languages. Could something like that be done for Mastodon? It would help people find the appropriate instance more easily.

Seems like Futaba has stopped making the T2HR. Only available until stock runs out, afaik.

I wonder if there's a similar stick-radio around somewhere?

*sighs and resumes the search*

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So... What RC controller radio?

Wheel or stick? That one is easy. I simply prefer stick radios. ...mainly because old (fart's) habits die hard.

But the radio needs to have two extrafunctions: An offset speed mid-point allows for more nuanced acceleration compared to breaking. The other function I need is dual rate. That allows the amount of steering to be dialled down.

There seems to be one product that does all of that. Futaba T2HR. Doesn't cost too much either. Good good.

The make-or-brake of the RC car idea: The cost of the electronics.

* 2-channel radio.
* 2-in-1 ESC/motor combination.
* 2S LiPo battery.
* USB-C PD charger.

**starting search on internet**

The next idea for my RC adventure is to compare the total cost of repairs to that of a new kit.

The logic is that a new car would come with all new parts but it would come at a cost. I already have the old car and it needs just a few repairs to "feel new", I think. Would it be possible to get all the spares cheaper than a full new kit?

NOTE that this comparison is only possible because the car would only be used for having fun, not for competition.

Been thinking about rekindling my old hobby. I still have the RC car from way back then, but it needs new electronics.

A LiPo battery seems to be an obvious choice. A brushless motor likewise.

The problem is the ESC. I want a very silent car and most elctronic speed controllers seem to need fans these days. The high pitch whine is a problem for me.

Maybe someone knows about a suitable ESC for me?

Photographer Eric Brummel stabilized his camera to capture earth's rotation

Starting the week with an #ArtShare!
All instances are welcomed to join and boost this toot, so that artists can get more exposure on different instances 🌺

🔥 Rules 🔥
- Boost this toot
- Talk a bit about yourself and share your links
- Reply to this toot with 4 pics with your fav art (music, photos etc are all welcome!)
- All uploaded media needs real descriptions: let's keep it accessible :jellyspoon:
- NSFW/Horror/Gore etc are allowed UNDER CW
- Fuck N F Ts
- If you use hashtags remember to capitalize the initials of each word!

And if you aren't an artist, boost this toot on your instance! I love seeing the fediverse come together to spread love :blobcat:

Slowly unloading functionality from the Xperia 10iii. I've been running it with the stock android OS to see if everything is working properly before completing the transformation to and thus becoming my daily driver phone.

The latest app to go is the swedish bankID that I use for authentication. I need to use a budget android phone for that from now on. ...but then again I simply can't trust my most important stuff to an android system.

Today was just a shitty day.
Tomorrow is probably better.

37th America's Cup:

"This protocol is not just about sailing. The new rules say that teams have to have foiling hydrogen chase boats. "

"That in itself doesn't sound like a big deal, but it's a really big deal. Hydrogen has been around for a little while but it seems to be the future within the marine industry. And when we launch them in February next year and fly off down the harbour at 50 knots in a hydrogen boat, that's a game-changer within the marine industry."

A serious test. My main computer is now communicating via wifi rather than ethernet cable.

If the external network card runs well then I'm using it in my next router.

*fingers crossed*

Watching Grand Designs I keep getting happy about my own small and simple home.

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