Zdob şi Zdub just re-invented the baseball cap. πŸ‘€

What an improvement. love it. πŸ₯³
whole outfit is nice.


This could be the word for a long, haired, elephant - a.k.a. Mammoth or Mastodon. Found it in a toot.


And the last character do look like an elephant. 😍

Not a fan of daylight? πŸ¦‡ πŸŒ›

This is where you switch to dark mode (in the web app)

Easter eggs!
The easter bunny was here πŸ₯°

I wish you bunny times,
and happy hopping into spring and summer.

βœ”οΈ Approved all the posts. It was only three of them.
βœ”οΈ There are no news links listed.
βœ”οΈ Approved all 23 hashtags that were up for review.

❓ What do you think? Are there things that should be rejected, or should we just approve anything that shows up?

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Mastodon.green slowed down and stopped for a while.

Tested a command called "tootctl domains crawl", it's supposed to show statistics about known servers.

Instead it ate up 200 % of CPU, shut down our site and then stopped by itself without giving any info. πŸ˜„

Going to try it again with 2 workers, instead of the default 50.

This pine tree is about five meter tall. It grows on top of a castle.

It's a bit of a fairy tale place.

Link to full-castle view: upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia

A photo of the Turkish man and his

The original song is Finnish. It has been a meme since 1928.

This we can listen to:

▫️ The new Finnish a-cappella version

▫️ The old Finnish a-cappella version

▫️ The old cartoon with the leek:

▫️ The techno leek version

▫️ And Turkish Bilal GΓΆregen. It's his , right?

πŸ‘‡ just an image - not a video

This is the graph I'm looking at.

The Norwegians drive billions of km every year. Are they not doing anything else than driving in that country. Billions!? πŸ˜„

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