What is that β€½
- an interrobang

The combination of ! and ?
It's cool, but probably worse than !? when you look at it closely 🧐

If you go to preferences/setttings while using the web version of Mastodon, you can "Feature hashtags".

They show up at your full profile page in the right column.

I have used each of my tags once and therefore they both show a count of one.

Just noticed a grey image in my media tab (when using the mobile app) . It's a fairly weird sound file. The context is trying speaking German while pronouncing it like Icelandic. It's a bot speaking Swedish.

The removal symbol represent Climate Positive Action.

A climate positive company removes more CO2 from the atmosphere than it emits.

This is Albin, our mascot. He's an anthropomorphic robot. Albin Social is named after him.

Summer in the city. Berlin underground sometimes travel above ground.

So it started there.

Photo: marco_pomella-4449195


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