Which path do you believe we're on?

Best estimate of global warming:
SSP1-1.9   1.4 °C
SSP1-2.6   1.8 °C
SSP2-4.5   2.7 °C

SSP1-1.9   (1.0 °C to 1.8 °C)
SSP1-2.6   (1.3 °C to 2.4 °C)
SSP2-4.5   (2.1 °C to 3.5 °C)

(2/3) Source in post 3

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I believe we’re on path SSP1-2.6  –  not good.
The world could be better than 1-1.9  –  how?

The light blue line could go down to minus 40 by year 2100
- if politicians and companies took serious action for CO2 removals.

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The numbers (1.9 etc.) are not temperature, they’re radiative forcing.
Temperatures are in post 2
SSP = Shared Socio-economic Pathway
y = GtCO2/yr

(1/3) Source in post 3

Wow, they've been working on some cool stuff in Scotland 😃

2 MW Tidal turbine from Orbital Marine power 😍



During 700 000 years (before the industrial revolution) CO2 was never above 300 ppm.

That's the natural maximum when the atmosphere is in balance.


The same Canada goose I posted for Easter got a whole bunch of kids now. They are so perfectly camouflaged with green yellow grey color that looks like the grass and ground.

Ingenuity, the helicopter, has 1,2 m wingspan the Perseverance rover is 2,9 m long.

Happy Easter! 🐣
This bird was in the park yesterday. It shouted something across the water to another bird.
Probably "Glad påsk" (happy easter)

What can this type of drawing be called in proper English? Is it a headfooting?

In Sweden we call it huvudfoting.

Fennec is a type of fox with very big ears. It uses the ears to cool itself as it lives in the hot part of Sahara.

Most fennecs have hearing damage caused by loud music. Soundwaves from Ibiza travel over the sea to Sahara. The fennec has evolved since the 1980s to love melodic Balearic trance music.

Image: Wikipedia

What is that ‽
- an interrobang

The combination of ! and ?
It's cool, but probably worse than !? when you look at it closely 🧐

If you go to preferences/setttings while using the web version of Mastodon, you can "Feature hashtags".

They show up at your full profile page in the right column.

I have used each of my tags once and therefore they both show a count of one.

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