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Become a member to help pay the server bills, plant trees and remove CO2 from the air 💚

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Some of those bicycles may have three or four wheels. I probably should've said bicycles, tricycles and quadcycles.

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The German post, DHL, is testing a little electrical boat in Berlin. It's yellow, 10 metre long, and goes 12 km/h.

They also mention that they have 1000 electrical vehicles and 1700 electrical bicycles in Berlin.

Source (in German):

Welcome to 👋 🙂

A good way to find interesting people is to search for hashtags.

You can also write an post if you want, or just post stuff so that people get to know you.

@j0pe @Paddy5 @Crispera1967 @madiko @edwinres @lavergnetho and @mdcin

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This week in #art news:
Artists around the world struggle with imitating images generated with #ai tools like #stableDiffusion by adding conceptual glitches to otherwise fine #photos and #drawings.

@ennafleur became the tenth member on :flan_cheer:

10 of 40 trees are ready to be planted

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Umana, tu adesso stai qui e mi fai le coccole.
Quando toglierò la zampotta potrai andare a preparare la cena.

[ * mamma che c'è per cena?
* niente. fatevi due panini. ]

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Spock got a self-heating mat to keep him warm. In an attempt to save on natural gas, Im wearing layers and try to stay active. If Spock feels cold, he has this cat bed. It uses aluminium foil so no electricity needed. 🌳

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Did someone say "cat"?

🇬🇧 cat
🇸🇪 katt
🇪🇸 ?

It's international translation day today 😃

Give me a word or sentence in English and I translate it to Swedish

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