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New people 🙂 Welcome to

Feel free to post something and mention me: @JohanEmpa to get a conversation going.

Just ask me if there is anything you want to know.

It seem like Mastodon isn't handling ASCII art that well. This is how it should have looked like:

/ \
/ _ \
| / \ |
|| || _______
|| || |\ \
|| || ||\ \
|| || || \ |
|| || || \__/
|| || || ||
\\_/ \_/ \_//
/ _ _ \
/ \
| O O |
| \ ___ / |
/ \ \_/ / \
/ ----- | --\ \
| \__/|\__/ \ |
\ |_|_| /
\_____ _____/
\ /
| |

It's on top of a fountain.

Never been there, just randomly saw it on the internet.

Photo Charles Hutchins
CC BY 2.0

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Ah least I have some company. Even if she is just here to get her chin scratched.


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Hey Eugen, congrats on the Eunomia milestone.

Saw something today. Is this joinmastodon Insta account real or fake?

Vikings cut a few trees in the year 1021 - in America. Just enough for the houses they built.

Your move, Columbus, prove that you discovered the continent. 🤣

1. Scientific source:

Amazingly it's possible to tell exactly which year a tree was cut a thousand years ago.

1. There's a radiation mark 993 CE. (solar storm)

2. From that mark you count the rings until the edge of the log (the waney edge)

it was
"tweet moot queer boot"

should have been a reply to:
"beet root beer toot"

by @owl at

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I accidentally posted a weird rhyming toot on the local feed and immediately deleted it.

Did Mastodon deliver it to you in those two seconds?

(Just curious how the delete function actually works - or not works.)

The famous "Lorem ipsum" is a real text with meaning.

It's written by Cicero 45 BCE in the book Finibus Bonorum et Malorum. Section 1.10.32 and 1.10.33

- unsurprisingly someone messed it up after 500 year of copy pasting it

- so the text changed into mumbo jumbo. It happened in the 1500s.

- Since then there's been no more mistakes, except a lot.

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I've just finished a new project for my 3D portfolio.
Made with Blender, Inkscape and GIMP. If you're frequenting my monthly livestreams, you may recognize this device ;)
#unfa #GameArt #3D #Blender #Inkscape #GIMP #Art

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:sina: :moli: :telo: :lon: :telo: :suli: :pi: :nanpa: :sona:
:ilo: :sina: :li: :ike: :lon: :ma: :pi: :ilo: :nanpa:

You are drowning into an ocean of data.
Your equipment is useless in the cyberspace.

#theDaily #TokiPona #Day14

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A nice map with air quality.
PM10 and PM2,5.
People build their own sensor and connect it to the Internet.

Open environmental data 👍

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Now my "Art Nouveau" Portrait it is done.

Maybe the colors a a little loud but I think it turned out pretty ok.

I hope you like it.

#art #mastoart #traditionalart #ink #gouache

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